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The "4 Into 1" Challenge judged by Gary Carter CPAGB - 5th December 2016 (Entries now closed)
In a change from previous years, the club will not provide any images.

As the emphasis in this competition is on your editing skills, you can use two to four images from any source as long as you don't violate anyone's copyright.

This means you can use your own images (obviously), public domain images, images available for use under a Creative Commons licence or images that you have licensed for your use.

Each member is allowed up to three entries.

Each entry should consist of the composite image and a panel image showing the source images used.

The judge will look for technical and artistic merit along with 'plausibility' so get that lighting right and don't forget about shadows!

We’re looking for up to three composite images, each built from two to four images. The source images can be your own or from any source, as long as you are legally entitled to use them without violating any copyrights. For each entry, you also need to provide a single image showing the two, three or four images used to create the composite.

Image files should be named using the following format:

MY FIRST IMAGE by John Doe.jpg
MY SECOND IMAGE by John Doe.jpg
MY THIRD IMAGE by John Doe.jpg

The correct use of uppercase and lowercase as shown is important because the projection software relies on that to identify the title of the image and the entrant’s name.

Images to be sent to Dave Belsham by midnight on Monday 28th November
Final Tip

Although the submitted images should be competition size, we recommend that your source images you actually use to create a final image, are original size (as out of camera), so that any small crops made are of sufficient resolution for copy/paste into the final image (which you will resize for submission).

Suggestion for source images panel layout. (You can modify the layout for 2 or 3 source images)

start image layout

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