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New Rule For The Monthly Flickr Competition

The Committee has received comments from the membership that the time constraint for the monthly competitions was too restricting with work and family commitments, hence the limited number of entries each month.

To give members more time to take images and edit them, we propose a new rule for the coming season to have a rolling 2 months for each competition.

As an example, at the start of JULY the thread with the theme “STREET” will be opened for the last competition of 2014/15, and will be available until mid-night on 31st July.

However, the AUGUST theme of “PORTRAIT” will also be announced for the new year. Photographs for that theme will able to be taken in both July and August (2 months), but will not be able to be up loaded until the Flickr thread for August is opened at midnight on 31st July, as usual.

When August's Flickr thread is opened, it will specify August's theme again, and inform you of September's theme as well, and so on.....

This effectively gives you 2 months to get out and about to take images and edit them for each month's theme.

There will still be 12 themes a year and you cannot enter the same image into two different themes


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