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* There were 3 scores with a total of 109 points. The awards for the Cup/Certificates for 2nd and 3rd took into account Dave Belsham got firsts in rounds 2 and 3 and Andrew Hayes got a first in round 1. Nigel Jones did not get any firsts in rounds 1, 2 or 3

Parkwood Cup 2016-2017 Overall Summary    
Paul Lam R1+R2+R3 110 1st 1st
Dave Belsham R1+R2+R3 109 2nd 2nd
Andrew Hayes R1+R2+R3 109 3rd 3rd
Nigel Jones R1+R2+R3 109 4th  
Kevin Towler R1+R2+R3 108 5th  
Nick Coombs R1+R2+R3 107 6th  
Grant Nixon R1+R2+R3 105 Joint 7th  
Roger Nolan R1+R2+R3 105 Joint 7th  
Dave Scott R1+R2+R3 104 Joint 8th  
Keith Fraiser R1+R2+R3 104 Joint 8th  
Paul Rayment R1+R2+R3 103 Joint 9th  
Trevor Gandon R1+R2+R3 103 Joint 9th  
Henry Slack R1+R2+R3 102 10th  
John James R1+R2+R3 101 Joint 11th  
Louise Hubbard R1+R2+R3 101 Joint 11th  
Jim Buckley R1+R2+R3 100 Joint 12th  
Mary Tomlins R1+R2+R3 100 Joint 12th  
John Brimecombe R1+R2+R3 99 Joint 13th  
Matt Mundie R1+R2+R3 99 Joint 13th  
Terry Luckings R1+R2+R3 99 Joint 13th  
Ronnie Murray R1+R2+R3 97 14th  
Anne Blunt R1+R2+R3 95 15th  
Graham Ferguson R1+R2+R3 94 16th  
Sam Thomson R1+R2+R3 93 17th  
Steve Holmes R1+R2+R3 91 18th  
Colin Hall R1+R2+R3 90 19th  
Rob Deane R1+R3 68 20th  
Bob Cotter R1+R2 66 Joint 21st  
Keith Tomlins R2+R3 66 Joint 21st  
Steve New R1+R2 65 22nd  
Ian Norris R1+R2 63 23rd  
Steve Akehurst R2+R3 61 24th  
Allan Bourner R1+R2 58 25th  
Stephen Long R2 ONLY 36 26th  
Janis Spice R1 ONLY 35 Joint 27th  
Sandra Thompson R1 ONLY 35 Joint 27th  
Ian Walker R2 ONLY 34 Joint 28th  
Steve Ripley R2 ONLY 34 Joint 28th  
Gary Botten R1 ONLY 33 29th  
Colin Davis R1 ONLY 32 Joint 30th  
Ian Rosenthal R1 ONLY 32 Joint 30th  
Tim Arnold R1 ONLY 27 31st  

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